Our Businesses

Oasis Group operates along three business lines:

1. Asset Management: Our investment team provides high-net worth clientele with opportunities to invest in long-term high-yielding income generating assets. We invest in the fixed income, equity and property markets.

2. Property Development: Our wholly owned subsidiary, Metrowest Limited, is a leading property development company that provides premium accommodation solutions in Nigeria. It has developed a world-class estate in Abuja.

3. Packaging Manufacturing: We established Eagle Package Printing Limited in 1982, a leading and reliable light packaging company based in Ogun State of Nigeria. Its raison d’être is to help its customers to sell more by improving the aesthetic design and appearance of their products. The company produces various light packaging bottle labels both on wet strength and metallized labels respectively. The company is a major producer of labels to the brewery industry in Nigeria, supplying beer labels to the three major breweries in the country."

Olympia Estate, Abuja.

Eagle Package Printing Limited.